Crafting Engaging Social Media Posts: A Balanced Approach

5 October 2023
In the digital landscape, social media stands as a formidable frontier where brands and audiences meet. Engaging your audience on these platforms requires a nuanced understanding of what resonates with them. A balanced content strategy is vital in achieving this engagement. Here's a deeper dive into how a balanced approach can significantly enhance your social media engagement.

In the dynamic digital arena, social media stands as a bustling marketplace where brands and audiences converge. Engaging your audience on these platforms necessitates a nuanced understanding of what resonates with them. A balanced content strategy is the cornerstone of achieving this engagement, fostering a space where communication thrives.

A Harmonized Content Mix

At the heart of engaging social media content lies a harmonised mix of branded, curated, and personal content. Branded content serves as a mirror reflecting your values and messaging to the audience. It’s the voice of your brand echoing in the digital wilderness. On the flip side, curated content acts as a window, bringing external valuable insights to your audience, enriching their knowledge base. Lastly, personal content is the door, inviting your audience into your brand’s world. It humanizes your brand, creating a pathway for genuine connections.

The 80/20 Rule: Balance in Action

The essence of balance in social media posting is encapsulated in the 80/20 rule. It proposes a distribution where 80% of the content is value-driven and 20% is promotional. The goal is to entertain, inspire, and connect. The rule isn’t a rigid framework but a guiding principle. It’s about understanding that social media users are on the platform to be entertained, to learn, and to connect, not to be sold to. However, the promotional content, when done right, acts as a gentle nudge, guiding interested audience members towards making a purchase or subscribing to a service.

Engagement in social media is a two-way dialogue, not a monologue. It extends beyond mere posting to interacting with your audience. Timely responses to comments, hosting Q&A sessions, and engaging in meaningful conversations foster a positive and interactive community around your brand. It’s about creating a space where your audience feels heard, valued, and engaged.

Visual appeal and creativity are like the spices in a well-cooked meal. They enhance the flavour, making your content palatable to the audience. High-quality images, videos, and creative graphics significantly enhance engagement. Experimenting with different formats and styles, exploring trending topics, and even injecting humour where appropriate keeps your content fresh, interesting, and engaging.

Promotions and contests are like the festivals in the calendar of social media posting. They create excitement, anticipation, and offer value. They, alongside educational content and storytelling, have the potential to significantly enhance engagement, build a strong emotional connection with your audience, and create memorable brand experiences.

Utilising social media management tools is like having a compass in the vast ocean of social media marketing. They assist in scheduling posts, analysing performance, and providing valuable insights through analytics. These insights aid in understanding what resonates with your audience, helping to fine-tune your strategy, ensuring that your social media ship sails smoothly towards the island of engagement success.


A well-rounded and balanced approach to social media posting is the cornerstone for fostering a loyal and engaged community around your brand. Through a blend of different content types, interactive engagement, and a dash of creativity, the journey of creating a vibrant social media presence becomes not just attainable, but an exciting adventure.



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