Complete Digital Marketing Solution

Humpty Doo Welding and Fabrication is a new business located near Darwin in the Northern Territory. Starting life as a part time venture, the owner wanted to take the business full time and chase large clients. For this they required a professional looking website and presence across social media and the internet, enter Dropwire Marketing. Small businesses are our specialty, and we were able to tailor a complete package for HD Welding that was both affordable for them and effective.

Be Seen

First task was to set up a website and give HD Welding a digital presence with our Digital Spring board and Basic Website packages. HD Welding now has a simple to navigate, clear website that provides multiple contact options, as well as accounts across Facebook and Instagram and a business listing in Google. All of these tie in back to the website, including links from the website to Facebook Messenger, and a section displaying the latest posts from Instragram on the homepage.

Be Found


Being a new business it was also important that people be able to FIND them. We were able to optimise the website and create specific landing pages that would rank highly in google search results and advertising conversions. We combined this with a campaign of paid google search advertising, so that when a potential client searched for a service offered by HD welding they were guaranteed to appear at the top of the page almost every time.

Be Heard

Once we had established a presence, and people seeking for them could find them, we now wanted HD welding to tell the world they exist. For this we ran a series of paid advertising campaigns, including a Facebook Campaign that targeted potential customers in the area serviced my HD Welding that had interests aligned with the services they offered (IE fishing and boating interest for boat repair services). Multiple ads were created to serve the 3 defined audiences. Each ad directed the potential customer directly to the correct part of the website that would have been of interest to them. Tracking was set up so we could tell when someone clicked on a contact form or phone number to call from the website HD Welding could see exactly what they were getting for their money, right down to a cost per lead figure.