Online Store and Digital marketing


Two Local small businesses, working together to grow…


Wattle Cove began life on Etsy and selling at local craft markets. With a wish to expand sales and grow their brand they engaged Dropwire to create a new website and store to sell their products direct to their customers. Dropwire prides itself on enabling small and micro businesses with the tools they need to sell online and develop their brand fast and affordably. Already having many beautiful hand made products, and great photography supplied by Wattle Cove, we were able to create a great looking store that reflected their product quality.

Online Store

We created a professional looking, clean store front. Then we imported Wattle Cove’s entire Etsy shop, including pictures directly into the new shop to speed up deployment. To keep the close community that follows them both online and at the local markets in touch with the growing brand, the website was designed to incorporate an Instagram feed, news on upcoming markets and a blog to communicate their message and values. These being easy to add and edit without modifying any website code or pages and by both the owner and and potential future staff through individual log ins on the website. Linking with their existing social media base was imperative, so social media linking was extensively used including on the footer of every page, and share buttons on every product.

Some advanced features included in the building of the store were

  • Coupons
  • Product Bundles
  • A POS system, so offline sales could be put through the store tracking
  • Full inventory tracking
  • Product bundles
  • Product variations
  • Afterpay payment integration

Digital Marketing

Along with integrating Wattle Coves social media presence into the new website with full tracking capabilities, we also provide a monthly report of data that is collected. This gives Wattle Cove valuable insights into what traffic they are getting, and more importantly the value of that traffic, allowing them to focus on sources that are more profitable. It also provides great market research to see what products people are showing most interest in. All of this now goes into new product development and how  and when Wattle Cove communicates with its different social media audiences.